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動詞:struggle, wriggle=もがく, あがく, 取り合い, じたばた, 邁進する
同義詞:endeavor, strive, attempt, try
變化形 :動變struggled struggled struggling
變化形 :名複struggles
引申詞: power struggle (權力鬥爭), class struggle (階級鬥爭)

vi. 不及物動詞

    奮鬥; 鬥爭[(+for/against/with)][+to-v]

    They struggled for peace. 他們為和平而戰。

    The old man has been struggling with illness. 這位老人一直在與病魔鬥爭。

    努力; 使勁; 掙扎[(+for)][+to-v]

    She struggled to keep back the tears. 她努力忍住淚水。

    The baby struggled in its mother's arms. 嬰兒在母親懷抱中掙扎。


    The wounded soldier struggled in the forest. 受傷的士兵在森林中艱難地行進。

    競爭; 對抗

    The human being struggles with his environment. 人類和環境競爭。

vt. 及物動詞


    They struggled the heavy file cabinet into the elevator. 他們使勁把沈重的檔案櫃搬進電梯。

n. 名詞 [C]

    奮鬥; 鬥爭[(+for/against/with)]

    The struggle between the two teams was hard. 這兩個隊之間的鬥爭很艱苦。

    努力; 使勁; 掙扎[(+for)]

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